aims to bring to you the latest news, issues & ideas concerning postal delivery from around the world. is also an online forum where workers involved in postal delivery regardless of location, race or creed can participate & gain the support of the community. At we welcome postal workers to participate in generating content for this website in 3 ways.

1. Reporting News & current developments in postal delivery that they wish to disclose.

2. Reporting Issues facing postal workers in terms of both the provision of a quality postal service & the pay & conditions of postal workers. These two factors are linked as better pay & conditions enjoyed by postal workers invariably creates a higher quality postal delivery service

3. Reporting on & discussing Ideas or strategies & actions that postal workers can adopt collectively to a/ improve the quality of the postal service they provide, b/ to improve the status, pay & conditions of postal workers both locally & globally and c/ be involved in changing the world both on a local and global level so that it operates for the many & not the few.


  • Postal delivery is a global industry & postal delivery workers can support & learn from each other to build solidarity and overcome attacks to their status, wages & conditions.
  • Postal Delivery workers desperately need a local & global voice that is not filtered by bureaucracy.
  • Karl Marx once said “The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways – The point, however, is to change it” aims to bring postal workers together so we can both a/ interpret what is currently happening in postal delivery in particular & the world in general and b/ at the very least be able to reduce the extent & impact of negative change & ultimately improve the quality of postal delivery and improve the pay & conditions of postal delivery workers.